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RFID Reader Kit, 4 position, Bad ASS Controller V

RFID Reader Kit, 4 position, Bad ASS Controller V

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Get going fast with a Bad ASS Controller V powered RFID kit with the Bad ASS Controller V and 4 FX201 RFID Readers,10 RFID tags (spares), and 10 ft of connection wire. Select above for enclosure and power supply.

Professional grade controller suitable for props or room control for escape rooms. The system leverages the Bad ASS Controller V (BAC V) web interface for easy configuration (no Internet requirement).

The standard game is a match game. When all 4 props are placed in the proper location, the relay will disengage. This can be used to drive a maglock or other control device.

The BAC V includes a RS-485 network interface which is compatible with the FX201 RFID reader system. When enabled and the software is appropriately configured, the BAC V can create large match games where 1 to 100 props must be in place for a puzzle to solve. Also, it can support a network bridge function where RFID tags can be read into a host system (like MQTT and Node-Red) for dynamic and complex logic. A minimal, configurable match game is provided in the FX-Framework, however more advanced logic and control may require additional development by us or another developer.

The BAC V also includes ALL available room integrations and RFID configuration through a web browser.

This Bad ASS Controller V is optimal for most type of escape room prop control applications, and much more. It saves time and money for installers as it can be wired up and replaced very easily due to its pluggable headers. For developers, it frees them up to focus on code and control and not hand wiring/soldering development boards together. If you are building more than 1 prop, this controller is for you.

RFID demo at Transworld
Demonstration of RFID sequence and match games
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1. Please check out our knowledge base for both Escape Room Techs provided support documentation: https://bit.ly/2USxGTK

2. Our Escape Room Techs User Group is a great place to chat with fellow Bad ASS controller owners about how they are using the tech in their escape room: https://bit.ly/2V8fRPC

3. Like all our products, we are working hard to constantly make them even better. If you have an issue you do not see addressed in any of our documentation, feel free to reach out to our awesome support team and we can assist. Contact us here: https://bit.ly/2V8fRPC