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"Bad ASS" Controller V w/ Audio - BAC

"Bad ASS" Controller V w/ Audio - BAC

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Turn On (control), Tune in (the players experience) and Drop Out (of sight)! Be an Escape Room "Bad ASS", completely Invisible!
Price: $330.00

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Product ID: E9000-072

Connector boards for BAC and FX45x:

More details here.More details here.

Game Options:

Power Supply Selection*:

Memory Cards:
16 GB Memory Card [Add $8.50]

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"One Controller rules them all"

Our Ethernet enabled intelligent Turn-key controller can control "All" your escape room, puzzles, games or props with SOUND!

  • 12+ Customizable Puzzles already included (Tons of options)
  • 2x20W Amplifier Output
  • End User Configurable - No Programming!
  • Graphical Software Interface
  • Room Control Software I/O interoperability
  • Remote Room & Puzzle Monitoring and Management
  • Simplified Wiring

More Information

Designed for maximum flexibility with the addition of Sound. With the ability to be transformed into a puzzle manager or room controller, our “Bad ASS Controller” (BAC) gives you control over customizing and configuring your puzzles or game room with just a few software changes through our graphical user interface, the "Bad ASS" Manager (BAM).

Adaptable for any configuration. Our low voltage, wall mountable “Bad ASS Controller”, is equipped to handle a wide variety of inputs and outputs of even the most demanding custom puzzles. A 2x20W Amp adds a sound dimension for both ambiance and feedback further enhancing the player experience. With removable wire headers, eight (8) inputs, six (6) outputs and two (2) 10A output relays on board, the BAC delivers maximum wiring simplicity, adaptability and safety. A family of expansion products is available to accommodate most puzzle types.

Wide puzzle variety is built in. The BAC can be transformed into any puzzle type in minutes with just a few simple configuration settings. Custom puzzle sounds and music can be attached to I/O events with the addition of standard MP3 files accessed via the BAM graphical user interface. With the variety of input types available (open & closed switches, RFID, magnets, sound, knobs, etc), you would expect nothing less than a large variety of puzzles that can accommodate them. If you really need something special that's not already included, we would be happy to write something custom to accommodate your room's theme . (See the complete and growing list of included puzzles below)

Remote Room and Puzzle Controls, Improve the user experience! Our BAC I/O (input/output) interfacing brings a new level of sophistication to your escape room. Taking advantage of today’s Ethernet network technology, our ability to interface remotely with every BAC’s puzzle or room I/O is unparalleled in the industry. Using this capability, common game room master intervention issues such as starting a video, starting a game, providing hints, etc can be handled remotely in a more expedient, effective manner saving both time and money. With control software integration such as Mythric Mystery Master , an entire room(s) can be controlled and monitored end to end elevating the player experience to the highest level.

  • Ethernet Network based for Remote Management
  • I/O Software Interface Interoperability
  • Remote Puzzle Monitoring and Control
  • Control SW Compatible (M3, Escape Room Master, Houdini, MQTT, etc)

Games Included:

  • Simon Says - Pattern matching
  • *Phone Prop - Connect to a phone and dial for clues
  • *Combination Lock
  • *Knob Games (Rotational Valve Array) - FX51SEN magnet sensing boards detect rotational positions solve patterns and light control.
  • *Simple RFID Match Game - checks all RFID tags are in place
  • *Advanced RFID Match Games - System of RFID readers and tags in multiple states
    • Multiple solve patterns ie “Magic Wand” games
  • Input Sequence - Detect buttons and control lights in patterns.
  • Simple Matching - Detect a pattern on the inputs.
  • *Knock-Knock - Configurable Knock - Knock game. Use our FX12 Knock Sensor
  • *Touching Hands (Human Wire) - Connect to plates and touch hands now with advanced detection techniques. “Most reliable touching hands game in the industry."
  • *Valve Game - 1 to 8 Indestructible knobs with FX51SEN magnet sensing boards and LED feedback lighting
  • *Patch Cable Match Game
* Note - Games may require additional ERT hardware

Output Controls Include:

  • Maglocks of all sizes
  • Solenoid latches (pulse activated)
  • Sprite Player (video output)
  • Lights
  • Serial LEDs (NeoPixels)
  • Buzzers

Read this First! - Understanding the basic BAC principles