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Bad ASS Controller - Escape Controller w/ Audio Amp

Bad ASS Controller - Escape Controller w/ Audio Amp

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8 GB Memory Card

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Bad ASS Controller with Audio Amplifier. 2x20W Amplifier Output. Control audio directly from the game and mange through a web interface.

Comes with standard black case and all of the games!

24V, 2A power supply recommended for maximum audio power output. See features below for details.

Audio can be triggered by stock games for various events like reset, enable, hit, miss, fail, and solve (varies by game).

Turn-key game controller! Control your escape room and props remotely! NO PROGRAMMING!

A simple to use web interface provides all of the options and configuration you need for most every prop. Free software, BAM!, the Bad ASS Manager, allows you to discover your Bad ASS Controller on the network and configure it in many ways from a general room controller to many game styles including RFID, sequence detection, etc.

Compatible with M3, Escape Room Master, Houdini, Clue Control, MQTT, and pretty much any other Ethernet based control software out there.

Combine this with any of our standard in-wall mountable control panels, the escape room operator has a turn-key solution for room and prop control.

While ER operation varies widely, a common problem with the startup flow of an escape room under software control is that the computer running the room is away from the where the game master is facilitating the introduction. How do you start the video? How do you start the game? Does your game master have to run the halls to start the timer? What if your game master isn't watching the game closely enough and doesn't notice they escaped? This room controller solves these problems.

Games Include:
Sequence - Detect buttons and control lights in patterns.
Match - Detect a pattern on the inputs.

*RFID Match - simple match game to make sure all RFID tags are in place.
*Advanced RFID Match - System of RFID readers and tags in multiple states. "Magic Wand" games, multiple solve patterns, etc.
*Knock - Knock - Add our FX12 to create a configurable Knock-Knock game
*Touching hands - Connect to plates and touch hands to solve. Uses advanced detection techniques to make the most reliable touching hands game in the industry.
*Telephone prop - Connect to a phone and dial for clues. Ask for custom variations like multilingual, ringer, etc.
*Knob/rotational Games - Integrate with our indestructible knobs and FX51SEN boards to detect the position of multiple knobs for solve patterns or control lights.

*These games require specialized hardware, like our RFID Readers (FX200), Knock Sensor, Phone, etc. Leave a note in the order so we can assist with any configuration or hardware details.

In the Room Manager Configuration, common capabilities are video start, room timer start, room timer stop. There are also outputs to control lights to know if the room is in use and if the timer is running. Up to 6 ER tech props can be monitored and controlled and over-ridden (force solve) for full tech prop management.

In one example, a two button, two light wall plate is installed outside the door of the room. The game master walks the group into the room, provides an introduction, then exits to press the 'Video Start' button. The 'Room in Use' light turns on. Then when the video is complete, the game master enters the room, asks for final questions and gives final direction, then exits. Upon exit, the 'Room Start' button is pressed, starting the timer, and turning on the 'Timer Running' light. During game play while the game master is watching the game (or their phone as they have been known to do) the room control software can show which props have been solved. Also, if the players are having a problem with a tech prop (broken, temperamental, too hard), the game master can force solve the prop allowing the players to proceed without the game master entering the room. And when the final puzzle is solved, the timer will automatically stop and notify the game master.

  • 2x20W Audio Amplifier at 8Ω, 24V in
    • Mono configuration available at special request 40W (same configuration as above)
    • 2x10W at 8Ω, 12V in
  • Works with most every commercial and open source room control software
  • In room controller mode:
    • Monitor and override up to 6 props
    • Configure props to solve on high or low signal
    • Configure prop output to turn off, turn on, pulse off, pulse on, or optionally control a relay on solve.
    • Internal web interface for use WITHOUT any room control software.
  • In game mode:
    • Monitor the gate state remotely.
    • Set puzzle learning remotely. No need to access the device.
  • Inputs with EMI/ESD protection (sourcing)
  • Outputs drive 500ma (sinking) Form C Relays, SPDT, 1 common, 2 switched
  • 10/100BT Ethernet Support for Monitoring and Control
  • Mountable in a black plastic case