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Our line of Bad ASS Controllers will make you an escape room control badass.  Add one or two per room to give you control over simple props or use one per prop to fully control, monitor, and override your props.  There are many standard game type like RFID, pattern matching, sequential, etc. as well as more advanced games with audio and serial led integration.  A simple to use web browser interface is all it take to customize your props (no programming) and be an ER badass. Read the related blog post.
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RFID Reader Kit, 4 position, Bad ASS Controller Bad ASS Controller - Ethernet Enabled Escape Controller - BAC Bad ASS Manager - Free Software for the Bad ASS Controller - BAM
Get started fast with a preconfigured RFID kit with the Bad ASS Controller and 4 FX200 RFID Readers,10 RFID tags (spares), and 10 ft of connection wire. Turn-key game controller! Control your escape room and props remotely! NO PROGRAMMING! Free Software!

Automatically discover all of your Bad Ass Controllers on your network!

Bad ASS Controller - Escape Controller w/ Audio Amp Telephone Prop
No programming, web page configurable prop and room controller!  Be an escape room builder Bad ASS. Phone prop controller! Use a standard phone in the game to receive clues, messages, and solve props.
Be sure to check out the resource sections of each of the products for getting started documents and manuals.