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FX45 BAC/FX450 Connector Kit - Basic FX45 BAC/FX450 Connector Kit - Full FX10 Dual 8, 16 Total, Input Match Controller
Expansion Connector Board for BAC/FX450 Expansion Connector Board for BAC/FX450 Dual, 8 input compare controller with individual outputs.
Indestructible Knob Analog Amplifier (Water level/Air Pressure) Sensor - FX12 Analog Amplifier (Knock-Knock) w/ Sensor - FX12
Indestructible Knob
Price: $56.00
Tired of knobs breaking in your props? We are too! Electronic knobs were not designed for the harsh world of escape rooms. That is why we created this device. The FX12-AIR is pressure sensor that can convert 0-1000mm of water in to .2 to 10V voltage output. The FX12-Knock is analog amplifier for vibration sensors. It will amplify small signals from piezo and other low level sensors for reading by a 0-10V input.