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Networked RFID Reader - FX200

Networked RFID Reader - FX200

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The FX200 RFID Reader is a networked reader designed for long range and/or high-count RFID reading puzzle designs. The network it uses is RS-485 which is designed to run 1000s of feet. A 4 wire cable connects all of the readers together and provides power.

There are other solutions that work well and may be more cost effective when there are only 1 to 4 tagged props to account for, however there are many advanced features of this system that surpass the competition such as:

High reader count: typically used for 20 to 30 readers, but is expandable up to 64

Long distance communications: The length of cable to the readers and the controller can exceed 1000 feet. This allows the readers to be remotely located from the controller.

Features when combined with a FX Controller:
Single button learning: When you want to initially configure the system or replace a prop or tag, a single button can learn the desired pattern again.

Partial match: With large match puzzles with poor tag/reader alignment, you may want to allow a few readers to be unread and still allow the puzzle to solve.

Auto reset: The puzzle can reset via a remote command or when all the readers return no tag, and could be combined with a time delay.

MQTT/Node-Red Manageable: Depending on the host system, more complex and dynamic logic can be implemented.

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Read range over 3" with small 15mm tags Long range version available, write us! RS-485 Networkable Compatible with FX350 and FX450.