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I/O & Serial Expansion Board, 8x in / 8x Out - FX60

I/O & Serial Expansion Board, 8x in / 8x Out - FX60

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FX60 Configuration*:

(RS-485/RS-422/RS-232 driver with DB-9)

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Provides expansion inputs and outputs for your Bad ASS and FX series of escape game controllers. The FX60 connects to a host FX board via the I2C connector and provides up to 16 more inputs and/or outputs as well as two serial ports and 2 more form C relays (SPDT). The inputs and outputs are configured just like the FX controller with EMI/ESD protection on the inputs and sinking drivers on the output (they switch the ground in the circuit). The relays can be used for larger loads or a reversible motor driver for applications like linear actuators. Two serial ports are provided with TTL (3.3V) and a RS-485 connection.

In the standard configuration (sold here), there are 8 inputs, 8 outputs, 2 relays, and 2 TTL serial ports (1 has a RS-485 transceiver on it). At the customer's request, custom configurations can be provided to provide up to 16 inputs or 16 outputs, an additional RS-232/RS-485 serial port.

There are also 2 other versions without extra serial ports: 8 input / 8 outputs / 2 relays and a 16 output / 2 relays. (options in drop down on the right)

Up to 2 FX60 boards can be connected together on a single I2C bus.

Control many more lights, LEDs, electromagnets or whatever else under the control of the BAC or FX450. Monitor many more inputs from buttons, switches and sensors. The scope of logic and control is endless! The relays can drive two single motors or a bi-directional linear actuator or large maglocks. The relays (and board) are rated for 110VAC, 10A, but be sure to wire high voltage properly if using mains voltages.

The FX60 seamlessly integrates with the FX60 over a I2C connection. It also mountable in the same ways, PCB mount, DIN rail holder, and plastic holder.

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Expansion Input and Outputs and Relays for the FX controllers Inputs with EMI/ESD protection Outputs drive 500ma (sinking) Form C Relays, SPDT, 1 common, 2 switched Mountable in industry standard 72mm DIN Rail PCB holders Mountable with plastic board holder and 2 screw holes Mountable with 4 PCB screw holes

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