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FX51D Rev C
Last Updated: 07/15/2019
New release of the FX51D Hall Sensor (Reed switch replacement system)

The FX51D is now easier to use than ever with these new features!

New features include:
  • Redundant flash writing
  • Sensor boards support bipolar and unipolar modes; inherited from main board, not forced to gated.
  • PWM output on single FX51D, rotation modes; Position and speed;
  • More diagnostic modes (light patterns)
  • Live magnetic field saturation feedback
  • Low magnetic field feedback in gated learning

The manual has been updated. Keep your eyes out for better quick start guides too!

Shipping as of 7/15/2019.

If you'd like to have these new features in your FX51D, please contact us to arrange for them to be shipped back and upgraded. Sorry, these cannot be upgraded in the field.

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