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FX51-SEN Advanced Magnetic Sensor Knock Sensor Analog Amplifier (Water level/Air Pressure) Sensor - FX12
The FX51SEN is an advanced magnetic sensor (hall) capable of detecting magnets position and rotation. Knock-Knock Sensor The FX12-AIR is pressure sensor that can convert 0-1000mm of water in to .2 to 10V voltage output.
Analog Amplifier (Knock-Knock) w/ Sensor - FX12 FX51D Reed Switch Replacement 4 Prop Match Kit - FX51D
The FX12-Knock is analog amplifier for vibration sensors. It will amplify small signals from piezo and other low level sensors for reading by a 0-10V input. The FX51D is a reed switch replacement with an intelligent controller. Save money with the new digital version! Connects with simple jumpers. One button programming for the entire chain!
FX51 Sensor Array
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