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Steel, aluminum, and wood gear prop Weight / Scale Prop Steel Owl 8 Track RFID Prop
Gear Box Prop
: $1,900.00
Gear prop! Great for steam punk or industrial looking rooms. Standard configuration is 24" x 24". It is composed of a steel frame and grate. The gears are aluminum with welded shafts.

Scale prop. Auto zero, user calibration. Ethernet/Room Control System over-rideable.

Configurable to 'solve' at any weight (within the scale's capability).

Use 8-Track cartridges in your puzzle tagged with RFID chips. When the right cartridges are placed in the correct slot, the puzzle is solved. Additional functionality can be realized with the push buttons to play an audio track which can be the clue or can be informative/educational.
Steel Owl Bar Chart Prop LED Tiles Prop Steel Owl Hockey Puck RFID Prop
This Bar Chart Prop allows players to find colored bars in the room, place them in the correct location, and solve the puzzle. All bars are held in place with magnets and are RFID tagged for proper placement. LED infused dancing floor tiles! Each tile is pressure sensitive and the LED lighting pattern can be programmed into each one and create an interactive experience!

Minimum 4 tiles per order

Each tile is 24" square, and 2" thick.
Use hockey pucks to solve a puzzle! 12 RFID reader pockets hold 12 hockey pucks to solve the puzzle.

Designed for 12 readers that use hockey pucks as tags. Come with tagged hockey pucks and a spare set.
Steel Owl Solution Circle RFID Prop Steel Owl TV RFID Prop Bad ASS Controller Escape Room Controller Kit W/ Button & Light
Uses clear business card holders to solve the puzzle. Each holder has room for a business card sized graphic.

Designed for 6-8 readers (8 in this version) that use acrylic blocks as tags. Come with tagged acrylic blocks and a spare set.
TV Display with RFID readers Prop. This integrates a large TV display with 3 RFID readers. Videos can be triggered remotely or by the RFID interaction.

Designed for 3 readers that use laundry detergent caps as tags. Come with caps.
No programming required! Turn-key Kit! Get control to your escape room!
Hockey puck combination lock prop Telephone Prop Zero Reset Valve Game
Combination lock prop uses a hockey puck as a prop piece to enter numbers into the lock. Ready install into an opening in a wall, a panel, or on the surface of a wall. Phone prop controller! Use a standard phone in the game to receive clues, messages, and solve props. Turn Indestructible Knobs into a Zero Reset game! Kit includes Bad ASS Controller, 4 'Valves', and 10 LEDs per valve.
Circuit Breaker Prop
Circuit breaker prop as seen at Transworld 2018! Combines Bad ASS Controller and FX10 to detect the switch positions and report the solve status.