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Turnkey Keypad Safe Prop

Turnkey Keypad Safe Prop

Never get locked out of your safe! Use multiple solve codes to trigger several events!

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Product ID: E9002-004

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You do not need to choose game host software with this option. They are all built in.

Connector boards for BAC and FX45x:

More details here.More details here.

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The Electronic Keypad Safe Prop can be used as a standalone safe or as part of a larger game design. Set it up to trigger wrong code events, solve events, or even multiple event triggers using several codes when connected to a BAC V and the BAM software, giving you complete control over multi-trigger events.

What sets this apart from a standard safe?
The standard circuit board on the Electronic Keypad Safe Pro has been replaced and fitted with an FX18 giving the safe more functionality and options than just a standard one code, opening safe.

• Configurable keypad code.
• Self-resetting after it's triggered.
• Multiple code use.
• Can be set for multiple event triggers.
• Fully controlled and customizable play when also using BAC V and BAM software.

Interfaces with Mytric Mystery Master, Houdini, Escape Room Master, Clue Control, and MQTT.

Turnkey Safe prop features
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