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Gear Box Prop

Steel, aluminum, and wood gear prop

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Price: $1,900.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks


Gear prop! Great for steam punk or industrial looking rooms. Standard configuration is 24" x 24". It is composed of a steel frame and grate. The gears are aluminum with welded shafts.

Game: The gears are usually discovered around the room. The front cover (option/not pictured) is bolted on. A wrench must be found to remove the front cover. When all the gears are placed in the proper position, the gears must be rotated (with the found wrench) to solve the puzzle. The output can be run to a sound player, FX350, or whatever you'd like.

Each gear and the turn wheel are wired in series with a lever switch.

Many options and custom configurations available.

Price is for the prop in an unfinished steel, wood, and aluminum configuration.

More Information

Kit includes:
  • Steel Frame
  • Steel/lathe grill cover with 4 bolts
  • 8 gears, 6 removeable
  • Switches, wired in series, on each removable gear and rotation eccentric
  • As us how to customize the solving effect (sound, lights, maglock, etc.)