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8 Track with Buttons RFID Prop

Steel Owl 8 Track RFID Prop


Price: $5,500.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks


Use 8-Track cartridges in your puzzle tagged with RFID chips. When the right cartridges are placed in the correct slot, the puzzle is solved. Additional functionality can be realized with the push buttons to play an audio track which can be the clue or can be informative/educational.

Designed for 12 readers (8 reader version also available)

Prop is 48" wide, 40" tall, and 9" deep. Hangs on the wall..

Price is for configuration shown and includes solve programming, integration to room software, M3, Escape Room Master, Houdini, Clue Control, and generic MQTT.

Customization is available. Just ask!

Utilizes our FX450 controller and FX201 RFID reader system.

Prop concept is used under license from Steel Owl Productions. The original concept was used at Autodesk's OTC Conference in Las Vegas. Video below.

Steel Owl / Autodesk Escape the OTC Game where this prop concept was utilized
More Information

Kit includes:
  • 12 RFID tagged 8-track cartiges and a spare set
  • Customized vinyl graphics
  • Integration to most room control software and protocol
  • Operate a maglock or other 'solve' function
  • Ask us how to customize the solving effect (sound, lights, maglock, etc.)
  • Customizations available.